Game play recorder / rewind system

Download the blend here

After a week and a half of programming, it is complete. A highly versatile recording system for the BGE that records objects’

  • Position
  • Orientation
  • Scale
  • Color
  • State
  • Visibility

(and possibly properties later on)

A full length explanation is in the blend but basically, this system will allow you to record game play, watch it, rewind it and resume playing from that position, and save it to file. There are a few different settings you can configure for the system including

  • framerate (Must be set to the frame rate of the game)
  • optimization (To reduce saved file size)
  • recording cutoff (Frames at which the oldest frame will be deleted)
  • recorder state (The state of the recorder object)
  • allow player to break out of recording
  • playback speed
  • file path (The path to the folder next to the blend in which the recording will be saved)

The only drawback of this recorder is that if an object is ended during the time you are recording, that object will not be present in the recording.

But I hope you all enjoy my recorder and put it to good use :slight_smile:

I think this can be used to make enemies that learn the fighting tactics of the player.I just don’t
know how to code it.

save the object type to spawn into the scene in the data,

this would also make your time mechanics a save load,

and potentially a animation tool if you could edit the timestamps…

Okay cool Man I will try it man and I will Give you feedback through out the course of the year just give me time to render the pre-Alpha Demo for my project and then we’ll talk from there man. Nice job by the way !!!

Thank you very much Man.



Now includes the ability to record object visibility

I just did a huge revamp on the system. The code is much cleaner, shorter, and faster. Also, instead of the system saving multiple files, it saves just one to make it more portable. There is also game name evaluation to make sure that the recording is from the correct game.

read and write times of the file is also much faster.

I hope you enjoy!