Game Point of Views?

Is there a way to make a game start from the camera’s view when i push “P”? I’ve tried putting the view into camera view and then pressing P, but it doesn’t use the camera’s actual view. It just starts from behind the camera.

I’m trying to set the camera as the players view of my playable area. I’d like the camera’s renderable view to be the player’s point of view when i press P.

Also is there a way to make the game engine go full screen upon pressing P?

I’m a rank noob & I had the same problem; I had made the camera point always toward an object via <ctrl>T, and wouldn’t always get camera view of that object in BGE; here’s what two people responded that helped me:

“I think ctrl t adds a trackto constraint, right? Constraints don’t work in the game engine. What you need to do is select the camera, add an always sensor, an and controller, and a edit object actuator. Chane the edit object from add object to track to, then set it for the correct object to track. That should do it.”


“Use both constraint types. The track to constraint in blender and the track to constraint method for the game engine. The game engine camera view should then match the camera view in the viewport.”

  1. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out to fill the 3D viewport window with the camera box, combined with positioning other windows around the 3D viewport window to make sure the camera fills the viewport. That’s what you’re going to see in-game in an executable.

  2. There’s no way to make the game go full-screen in Blender (which kind of makes sense, since the game runs in Blender. If full-screen was an option, it would have to run outside of Blender, in a separate BlenderPlayer). The closest you can get is Ctrl+Up to make there be no space left over, but it won’t be full-screen.

if you want to have the cameras view immediatly after BGE start regardess what view you are in:

always sensor -> AND -> Scene actuator Set Camera mode + current camera name

but that does not help if you setup your camera incorrectly.

@HG1 - Wow. I completely didn’t know about that. Great job on finding that out - I never would’ve known!

So forget what I said earlier - HG1’s link shows a fullscreen blend file setup. I’ll have to try implementing this myself with my game.

You can also mouse over any frame and press CTRL + Up Arrow, and it will make that frame take up the whole window, then you can get rid of the header, etc. Press CTRL + Up Arrow again to revert back to multiple frames.

You guys are great! Exactly what i needed.