Game Preview Through Camera Doesn't Work?

I made a simple gun game, with a camera parented to a gun, which has movement.

When I go to camera view and press P, however, the screen turns grey and there are no objects. If I view from any angle other than the camera, the game works fine. I’d think if this were a problem with my graphics card, I wouldn’t be able to see the game at all.

Can you show some screenshots or put up a .blend because I am kind of confused.

Here is the shot not in game engine:

Here is the shot of the screen when I start game engine:

Here is the blend file:

hmm I am really stumped here. I don’t know what’s wrong. Nice gun model, its REALLY high poly and a little mis-shapen but it looks coolt.

Pretty odd bug you found there but I was able to fix it kind of. What I did was just delete the camera and place a new one and that one worked fine.

I haven’t looked at your file, but the image shows me that your camera is parented to the gun.
You should apply scale to the gun to make it (1,1,1). Otherwise you get side-effects at the children (like looking up into the air ;)).