Game problems

I tried making a ball-style game based on the tutorial, with a few of my own modifications. I had a few problems with it.

1: In blender, in the camera view, it looks like this:

But in the .exe, it looks like this:

How do I fix that.

  1. Sometimes (such as right now) the ball ignores physics, even though the settings are right (i think). Can someone help with that?

I am attaching the .blend file for the game, as well as 2 images: One for the game, and one in Blender. Thanks in advance.


ballgame.blend (210 KB)

I opened it, and the game keeps restarting the scene?
I added the property “Ball” to the collision sensor that restarts the scene, and it worked better.

What is your problem exactly?

Yup… added Ball property to the sensor that switches scenes and it seems to work fine for me too.

Looks like it’s suppose to though with a green ball and red surface, not like in the screenshot on the right… You’re not using GLSL so that’s not the problem.

Sorry I can’t help more.

Edit: Are there any errors in the console for the .exe? I usually try them out in the Blender folder or copy all .dll files from Blender folder to a test folder to make sure I don’t miss anything.

Yeah, I thought the physics weren’t working, but it was just constantly restarting.

So I got that fixed (thx guys) but what about the camera?

FunkyWyrm, I made sure there’s no errors in the console, and I copied all the dll’s from the blender folder into the folder where my .exe is. No luck.

I’m really not sure what’s happening there. The .exe saves correctly for me when using the .blend you posted with the one change (“Ball” property) that was pointed out.

A few reasons…

First of all, in Blender you’re viewing the game in “Solid mode” instead of textured mode (according to your screen shot), which is the normal view for games (and the only view that your .exe file will display). Right at the bottom of the 3D window, click on the little box and choose Textured mode (see the blue box at the bottom of the attached screenshot, edited from your screenshot).

Second, a saved .exe runtime will only show the area inside of the outer dotted line in camera view. Think of that dotted line as a frame, and everything you want to be shown in the game will appear inside of the frame. In Blender, you can see outside of the frame, but in the runtime, that frame is what’s used.

Hope that helps…