Game Project: Death World Im searching for Scripters and people for texturing


i have started a new game project Death World the story is about an accident that happend in an secret Research facility in the desert of nevada after a experiment with a meteriot that was founded in New mexico. After the accident on the earth is a big epemedic and the people get poison some die, some survive and other mutate. The main character that you play is one of the survivers and have to search for a doktor to get a medicament for this epidemic. here you can watch the intro i made if you hav interest to help please contact me on this forum or if you have a youtube account you can send me message to TheDj245

im searching for

What kind of scripting? I would be glad to help, if I can… :wink:
Tell us more precisely what you need scripting for.

i need some scripts for effects like a atmosphere or lens flare and scripts for advanced game menus and for Ai

You can make menus with logic bricks :wink:

i now but i need some specials and i really need a script for lens flare