Game Project Help Wanted

I am starting A Ranma Game Project Based off the Anime/Manga Series(Google it if your wondering on the plot) , Help wanted with making the game in the Blender Game Engine. It started in May of this year but nobody seems to be interested so I thought I would try my luck here. I feel I am decent at modeling and have not messed with animation or really texturing in blender since it came out with a new update. First I have a few head models (no full models) and the Dojo almost done.
I have model sheets of some main character heads and blueprints of the Dojo for help on modeling any help is appreciated(The reason there is barely anything is because my Main HDD crashed and I had to start off clean about a month ago)
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StaRT a dropbox, do you code python??

ok sorry but what is a dropbox this is my first time posting about this(be gentle).
and python I’m very poor with it I haven’t really messed with it. Pobably only one thing completed using Python and thats showing the cursor very very simple.