Game Project - Low Poly


Together with a friend who is a programmer we decided to create a simple game together, in very early stages or just basic movement together and some art created i can’t show too much yet.

But what i want is some critique on my modelling, tips etc of things i might have missed out on.

(Developed in Unity 3D)

Looks like your off to a pretty good start.

The biggest thing that I notice is that the textures could use a bit of work. It looks as if you have just taken pictures and used them as textures without any sort of modification or alterations. There is also some texture stretching in some places that could be avoided.

Over all though, since you said you just started working on it, it looks good.

Thanks for ur comment, Yeah it’s something i’ve taught about aswell, Since im the only art guy in the team i try to keep it simple, a fresh and almost cartoony look, It’s a lame ass excuse from my part but if i get time over ill go back and add some smaller details onto the texture. :slight_smile:

Im curious about one thing, Im having a “issue” with animating, If anyone knows if i can make one object into two seperate objects, to ease animation. but still using just one texture to both of them, will this cause any performance loss? Or will both seperate objects load in double the textures?

You will take a slight performance ding, since you’ll be pushing extra polys in the engine. You’re still instancing the textures though, and all instanced object draw on the same texture file.

Your question is a little confusing though - are you animating the 2 objects in Unity, or in Blender? If in Blender, you should just be able to export the 2 meshes as one object, along with the animations and armatures, right into Unity. If you’re trying to animate in Unity, I believe that will be less efficient.

Take this with a grain of salt - I’m much less experienced with Unity than I am with the UDK, but most of this stuff is pretty basic, and should carry over from one engine to another.

I can explain one of my issues, i created a Windmill in Blender and animating only the vertexes dosen’t seem possible. So i used a simple bone to make the blades spin, looked great in blender. But transporting it to Unity for some reason made the entire Windmill spin around.

This is where my skills as a game designer really shows how bad they are, as i’ve mainly used 3D as a source of artistic pictures and not gameplay. So i was thinking this problem would be gone by simply taking the blades, And seperating them to second Object and easly just animate that quickly without any issues.

But then i end up with two (Instead of one) object for the Windmill, but this perhaps dosen’t make a huge impact onto the game itself?

Yeah, the overall impact is pretty small. If it were me, using UDK, I would create 2 separate objects - the windmill body, and the windmill blades, then I would make the windmill blades spin. When I originally read your issue, I thought it might be a small decorative piece, rather than a large set piece. I think it makes more sense to do a windmill in 2 pieces.

Yep, ended up doing it that way… :slight_smile:

Portfolio has now been updated!

Please note that this is just 4 days of work, all by myself so take that into concideration before you mention the lack of detail. it will come. :wink:

It all looks good to me man. Your models seems very similar to the assets from Torchlight. Nice work.

Looks promising. Your modeling is really consistent. biggest thing that I notice is that the textures could use a bit of work.