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I’m a 38 old Programmer and Blender artists currently working on a relatively (for me) big game project called Robosoul. Some info can be found here:

As you can see (from the now 2 month old footage) its a playable game. I work on this for about a year. Plus about 15 years in my freetime on the game-engine involved (among other things of course).

So far I’ve done many (rather simple) models and graphics for the game, I also licensed art from the likes of OpenGameArt and CGTrader (in desperate need of content).

I realize that I now need help with the art. That mostly includes low-poly robot and creature (re-)modelling and (re-)texturing, also a few game props if possible. For example I’ve a few unfinished and untextured objects, robots and guns, but also original new content is very welcome.

Technically I use Blender 2.49(!) for the models, simply because I have a working exporter for my game engine that I use. I do not have time to upgrade that to newest Blender version yet. It is possible to work with another version/program and import into Blender 2.49 tho. But if you want to animate, better use Blender 2.49.

If you are interested, look at the screenshots and footage and be sure that your work can add to and improve whats there.

Now I must say this, I can not afford a professional 3D artist, if you need to make a living out of this, I can not provide that. However I can and will pay for your work in the range of about 200$, based on the work you put in. We will negotiate that work-package, payment and payment options beforehand so nobody feels ripped of. Also of course you will be credited for your work in the ingame credits, if thats matters to you.

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Thank you all for your interest in this project, so many great people out there! I wish I had more work for you! :slight_smile:

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