Game Properties Across Scenes

In my game, a property actuator detects if a health value equals 0, and if it does actuators subtract 1 from a Lives value and add a “Game Over” overlay scene. Three meshes (shaped “one”, “two”, and “three”) in the overlay scene copy the Lives value to a value of their own and check if their value matches their respective shape. So if the Lives value goes down to 2 in the first scene, the overlay scene should appear and the “two” mesh should become visible. Currently, the overlay scene appears but the meshes do not. I think this has something to do with copying Game Properties across scenes. The values for the three meshes start at 0. Help?

Do you have a blend we can ‘fix’?

I think messages go throw scenes, or you can use python and global variables.

you can send the property values as body in a message with the message actuator.

To place the received message body in a property use the S2Awith

Python controller Module:S2A.firstBodyToValue -> Property actuator Prop: propNameOfYourChoice

How would I use the message thing?