Game publishing without exe

I am wondering if I can publish a game in blender without .exe?
& also can I publish blender game in WebGL/HTML5 ?

You can publsih the .blend, if that counts as publishing… (no way). And no, there is no blenderplayer for web nor it’s planed.

On the other hand you can mess with the mime types to make any extension be opened by the blenderplayer, that would be equivalent to Flash, Love2D, HTML, and other similar systems.

[QUOTE=elmeunick9;3060484]You can publsih the .blend, if that counts as publishing…

How do I do that? I guess I have done appropriate things. still I get only one option to publish game.


Publishing, aka realasing something to the public. In other words, publishing the blend is just uploading the blend to the internet and hoping that players will know what to do with it. That’s why I said that it doesn’t count. The method with the mime types is more plausable but probably out of your league to implement it right now (you would have to make an installer, that changes the mime type of the OS, that works multiplatform, etc…)

Oh !
That is not really a smoother way.
The reason is majority and almost all email service providers have stopped the attachments of .exe files. I was thinking recently most app developers have started releasing .msi instead of .exe. That may be one of the reasons to avoid .exe generation.

So i was just wondering if there is any add-on or some plugin which can publish game without an exe.