Game Python

Need some python tutorials for the 2.49b GE!:o
BTW the only one I can find is the servo control one.

I’m not sure what exactly you’re looking for, but these might help,

I don’t know how relevant or good they are, but it’s what I found after like only 5 minutes of searching… I’m pretty sure there are a lot out there.

Here’s a good one to look at.
This is my favorite site to reference API at.
The best thing about 2.49 is it’s depreciation warnings. If you use 2.48 or older’s API it will tell you what to use instead.
I’m guessing you already have python experience? If you don’t spend some time reading through the manual that comes with a python installation; it helps alot.
All you really need to know about scripting the game engine is first; know what the logic bricks do, and second; remember that all the scripting does is get and set variables. After that it’s up to your imagination if you’re left brained, or careful though-out logic if you’re right brained.
If you have any more questions I will be happy to help. >:3

Thanks alot you two!:):):):):slight_smile: