Game Ready Dragon Model (please critique)

Hey guys! I’m totally new to
I’ve been working on a medieval based game with a few friends.
I’ve found that I am pretty good at making creatures, but epicly fail at human modelling.
I am going to attach the .blend file to a 2 headed dragon I’ve been working on the last couple days.
Any feedback will be appreciated.


.blend file:
2 headed dragon_009.blend (1.37 MB)
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Hello, I’m a newbie here. I stumbled upon this thread and found it very informative for me. Thanks for sharing.

Here are some pictures of my dragon model. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. hint hint


Really great model! :slight_smile:

Some thing I would suggesst is to make sure the feet aren’t too “fat.” On ALOT of dragon models, I notice this and it drives me insane! :wink:

I really like the wings though, very good proportions! :slight_smile: Hope it goes well, I am watching your game;)

Thanks man, I’ll thin the feet down a bit.:stuck_out_tongue:

I like it. But isn’t it a little highpoly for realtime level detail.

My dragon has a self-made normal map on it, the scales are not actually 3D. Its actually reasonably low poly.

What I think you need now is a color map for the different materials on your Dragons, perhaps add some teeth as well for each head (or a tongue even depending on the capabilities of the GE you’re using).

You might also want a more sophisticated covering of scales (different sizes on various regions of the body, a different pattern for the head, belly scales ect…)

As AD said, its too uniform, scales should vary in size and a little in shape. also the colour should vary as well. But its a really great model and you’ve done some good work :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone, I have been working on the teeth an tongues and a texture for the belly. I will try to vary the scale sizes and color. Does anyone have any idea what kind of texture I should use for the webbing on the wings? :confused:

Looks good

Its all the same green, add some variation.

Sorry guys, I’m going to camp for a week. I got a belly scale normal map done tho. I haven’t gotten to the teeth/tongues or the color variation yet tho. I’ll get that all done when I come back.

I modelled the belly plates and then mapped it to a plane. Please critique!

I’ll be back in a week!


They look like a very good start, though may be a little too shiny and reflective, while belly scales may be tough and even have a light sheen to them, this seems to almost give an impression of hard, inflexible inorganic armor.

Hey everyone! Thanks for all the helpful critiques! I’ve done a few things to improve my dragon. I gave him teeth and tongues and textured the eyes and wings. I also made his scales vary in color a little. Enjoy and critique!


He’s starting to look a bit more complete, now he can roar and eat like a real Dragon. :slight_smile:

The only new things I notice is, firstly , some odd, bright colored faces near the back of the mouth area in both heads, and I’m not sure about the vein/leather pattern in the wings (it’s a bit curly right now, not what I would expect for a believable, leathery wing texture, though part of that impression may be that the lines of bump may also be too wide for a leathery texture)

That looks so neat.

Kind of reminds of the movie “How to train your dragon” which I saw recently, and right enjoyed for it’s plot and graphics.

All the best!

Hey ya’ll! I’ve changed the color scheme a bit. I’ve also been working on a flight cycle. Idk how I’m going to upload that tho, since i don’t have a youtube account…

@ Ace Dragon - One head breathes fire, the other breathes ice, i may remove the colors, but i kinda wanted to show that. The texture on the wings is maybe too big, i wanted it to be a little crazy and fanciful though, not just plain leather.

Should I add spines running down the back?

It has an interesting look, I like it. I think Pikes down the back would be a capital idea!

Nice dragon! I still have the feeling the feet / claws are a bit unnatural. They are similar to a crocodile’s claws, but crocodiles don’t fly…

So maybe these pics can give some inspiration and new ideas.