Game Resource Poll

OK this is a redo of the performance thread i bungled earlier. I hope this one is better then the last.

I’ll include a more descriptive Poll then last time, so more options.

Also this has a test Blend here.

Poll or not data is data so if you feel up to it you can share your computer specs so a better knowledge what performs good with what can be achieved.

For example(My current server, old desktop):

  • AMD Phenom 955 2.2Ghz quad core
  • 5 GB DDR2
  • ATI Radeon 5670 1GB DDR5
  • 7200RPM 750 GB HDD

The other stuff isn’t as impact crucial.



for the No_Collision.blend:

  • subdivide plane and run game engine after each time. Find closest amount to 30+ FPS.

for the Static_Body_Test.blend:

  • subdivide plane and run game engine after each time. Let cube fall onto the plane. Find closest amount of vertices on the plane that allows 30+ FPS.

for the Rigid_Body_Test_Convex_Hull.blend:

  • subdivide the CUBE thing and run the game after each time. Let the CUBE thing fall onto plane. Find closest amount of vertices on the CUBE thing that allows 30+ FPS.

Take the poll, post specs if you wish.

Do Note this test both the GPU and CPU capabilities of a computer.

I voted but I dont think this test is quite relevant, for these reasons:

The BGE handles Faces better than Texture
Highly detailed meshes should have a simple collision mesh so the Rigid Body test its irrelevant
Terrain meshes should use a LOD or streaming system so there wont be too many faces at one time (this is true for all game engines)
More relevant topics might be Lights, shaders, and complex materials.

Also I subdivided without the modifier, you might want to say which one to use as they impact performance differently.

My specs:
AMD Athlon II X4 2.80Ghz
ATI Radeon 5770 - 1GB

Hope this helps -