Game Rig Tools - game-ready rigs in seconds

Hi everyone,

we just released Game Rig Tools. It’s an addon that creates game-ready rigs based on any Control rig in Blender (it can be Rigify or your own fancy rig etc.). Here is a GIF that is supposed to catch your attention.

And here is a longer video where I explain why you may need the addon. I also show a couple of common workflows you can use:

So the main features in the initial version are:

  • game-rig extraction (based on an existing Control Rig)
  • action baking between the Control Rig and Game Rig

How much does it cost?
It’s “pay-what-you-afford”. :smiley: Contributions of $15 are encouraged but if you can’t afford it, you can pay whatever you like, including 0.
Get it on Gumroad

The addon was developed by Blenderboi. Check out his other addons on the Blender Market


Hi, thanks for this great addon. I found it recently and it’s been very helpful in resolving a lot of the Blender to Unreal exporting issues I’d been having earlier.

I wanted to know if Game Rig Tools is compatible with any mesh onion skinning addons out there. AnimExtras and Mesh Onion Skins aren’t working for me. I guess it has something to do with the deform bones only being constrained and not parented to the control rig, thus “breaking” the connection between the control rig and the mesh. They can’t read any animation off the mesh in this state. Those addons work after I have baked the animation but that’s moot, as I need the onion skinning to help with animating the control rig in the first place.
Could there be a workaround to this? Is there any option within Game Rig Tools I can use to help the other addons read the animation for the mesh?


Hi, that’s an interesting question. I’ll try to test it in the next few days.
In the meantime could you also try to ask the addon devs? They’ll probably have a better idea why it’s happening and on what level it needs to be addressed.

Could you test one more thing for me, by the way? If you have the mesh parented to the Control rig (so before the game rig extraction), do the addons work?
If so, one workaround would be to keep the Control rig as the parent while animating. Then switch to Game Rig for baking and export.

Yes actually those addons work when the mesh is directly linked to the control rig. So yes that workaround to get all the animating done first and then applying Game Rig Tools on it works as well.
I also realized that in the event of Game Rig Tools already being applied, I can just unlink the mesh from the Game Rig deform bones and reparent it to the control mesh, get the animating done and use the onion skinning addons, then parent to the Game Rig deform bones again, choosing “Envelope weights” in the parenting options. I don’t know how safe this switching back and forth between the GRT deform bones and the original control rig is, but seems to be working so far.

That’s how I’d approach it too. The switching should be safe albeit slightly annoying.

Did you ask the onion skinning addon devs if there is a workaround?

Oh man I forgot about this account altogether.
And no, actually I did not ask. :sweat_smile: In fact, after I realized how simple the solution was, I felt embarrassed why I asked the original question in the first place. :sweat_smile:

Thank you very much for replying though.

For anyone else wondering, it’s easy to unlink and relink what your mesh is parented to, select mesh and check modifiers for the armature modifier it has, there you’ll see the filed “Object”. Click on the rig name written there and it will reveal a drop-down menu with names of other rigs the mesh has been parented to before. I hadn’t realized this was a dropdown menu earlier.

Cheers :v: