Game Room

Look at this guy games room.
now thats some serious crazy gamer. :slight_smile:
Game Room

Holy s*it :o Thats AWSOME! [!]

/me wants it


that guy has a hobby :wink:



Must’ve cost a fortune…

I imagine that’d fetch a pretty penny on ebay :o

Game crazy, wonder why he spends all that money on that stuff.

I pity the fool who spends that much time and money in something so unproductive, unless that represents an insignificant amount of his time and money.

That is sad but the coolest thing i have seen. I did not see a nintendo power glove, so he s not all powerful :smiley:

its called a hobby and has the benifit of personal satisfaction just like many blender users.

Also the value of his collection would be massive.


All the. . .time. . .wasted :o


I know what it’s called and my comment still stands.

The value of his “collection” is not massive because any time I’ve seen a huge collection of consoles (or anything) auctioned they sold at a much lower per-unit cost than would have happened individually.

Imagine talking to this person who possibly spends his entire life inside that room.

“What did you do today?”
“Played games. You?”
“I went to class and work. Had a wicked exam this morning.”
“Oh yeah, I know how that is. I spent five hours earning a massive high score on Tekken 2.”

Would you respond, “Tell me all about it!” If so, how long do you think that would last?

Blender users have their art to show for the time invested. What does this guy have other than high scores and that room? Which would you rather see and hear about on a regular basis?

People who are obsessed with their own entertainment are usually very boring people unless you’re also someone who is obsessed with your own entertainment.

I agree with shbaz.

I actually find playing games for more than an hour or two is so unproductive as to be depressing :expressionless: which is why I’m not much of a gamer

What if this guy is the kid of some multi-millionaire? This would just be a drop in the bucket for them, and if the kid can cash in on connections he’ll never have to work anyway.

Otherwise, I still think its possible. It possible to play all this stuff AFTER work or school. And to value a hobby on it’s output it senseless. If someone enjoys doing it THAT much then they should go ahead.


I don’t think it’s senseless if it involves as much time waste as this situation probably does.

Wow! That guy has a TI-994A! (Third row down, left) That’s like the first personal computer we ever had and it plugged into your TV set. That’s cool to see someone have that besides us.

His console collect is impressive but not sickening. The games on the otherhand? Wow.

And he has the same speakers I have too :).

this is a sad example,to have a hobby is ok,but when this hobby goes out of hand,then this turns in to some kind of obsession.

hope this guy is happy when he is playing those “games” :slight_smile:

maybe he’s just a 45 yr old guy who has time on his hands? I see some VERY old stuff there, so I guess it’s not a obsession apart from school. If yes, it’s more like an obsession apart form wife and kids :smiley:

Hmm and qwe said “I actually find playing games for more than an hour or two is so unproductive as to be depressing which is why I’m not much of a gamer”

And frankly, I find playing games for more than an hour or two so unproductive as to be depressing too, but it didn’t stop me from being a big mean gamer till now :smiley:


thats a personal choice, and a decision i also made.

to me computer games are boing.

However (directed at shbaz) that doesn’t mean i am to judge someone elses hobby as a poor choice over my own.

you only get to live you own life, and anyone who is personally happy (which he seems to be) has a life that is worth the same as anyone else’s who is personally happy.

whether your hobby be

ten pin bowling (unproductive)
Blender (99% unproductive)
collecting stamps (unproductive)
collecting phone cards (unproductive)
collecting and using Lego (unproductive)
collecting old stereos (unproductive)
listening to music (unproductive)
watching movies (unproductive)
reading magazines (unprductive)
climbing mountains (unproductive)
hang gliding (unproductive)


oh, oh, oh my god, i just realised that ALL HOBBIES are unproductive (or have a high chance of being unproductive.)

don’t judge his hobby because of your own values.

the only hobbies i judge are destructive. i.e. hunting, fishing, 4WDing…

the POINT of a hobby is to enjoy yourself, it has no need to be productive.


The Lego comment, i disagree with. I have met these two guys who can make anything out of legos. They made a life sized nativity scene, and got paid A LOT of money. They even made a lego mosiac it was really cool :stuck_out_tongue: