game running

ok so i have a game when i walk around and everything it runs fine but when an enimie sees me and start chasing after me it gets really slow and ive tried a lower frame rate and no diff what should i do? and in my scene theres VE:5933 and FA:5994

Is the enemy really high poly, or perhaps very big, complicated textures.
Two known framerate killers.

If you have switched on game>show framerate and profile you can determine which module uses the most processing power.

no its not very high poly at all nor textures in fact it has no textures but i tried to fix it somewhat and its working better still chopy and i want to have more then 1 at a time so…

then maybe its the logics of your monster, maybe if you could post the blend or a screen shot of the logics bricks (or python script) of your monster

Although many people claim it does no ‘real’ harm, the use of a near sensor greatly slows down my games. It depends on your PC. Also, make sure you don’t have ‘mist’ turned on.

in that case is there a sub? for the near sensor? cuz my computer sucks

First I would verify if the near sensor is causing the problem (*simply disconnect it). If so, a lot of times you can use a collision sensor. Parent your character to a ‘ghost’ plane or circle, and make it invisible. I think there’s also a way to do it with Python, but I can’t remember exactly how nor have I personally tried it.

physics , Logic bricks& alpha (by that order)
kills the most , not the polycount alone … it is wise to turn of collosion for un-necessary objects , and post a blend to fix it for ya .

There is a magical option in gameblender that allows you to see what is lagging out your game!

Simply turn this on:

And in the top left corner, you find framerate, and the % of CPU power each element of the game engine is sucking up. (shown circled in red, blue, yellow, and green)

Tell us which ones of these have the highest percentages, and we will tell you what is lagging out your game.