Game screens- couldnt help it.

I said i wouldnt post anything until i had a demo but i spent the last half an hour makin a really good background for my space sim game. It called overkill and its about a guy who works for military that goes looking for planets to terraform without giving away the story he basicly becomes a space pirate these screen are early developments of the first training level. I wanted to create graphically intense game, you can put a lot of special effects into your game without using up too much framerate if your careful, also the also no a lot of objects in space which is another reason why Ichose a space sim. A lot tecniques i have chosen to use have been through studying how FX are done in other games. Anywho here they are.

pretty cool!.. i love the look of the interface
the screens look great but i cant help but feel my opinions are being compromised by the realism of the earth texture and the organized clutter of the interface. from the screens they look graphicly good but im not sure if its the game, or the earth texture i like :slight_smile: id have to play it or see some bigger shots so i can make out your models/textures better

did you make the earth texture? and is the tiny text in the interface readable and not just for show/design? if yes to both than wow :smiley:

i cant get a good look at the ship in these screens, the bottom one has some glowing thing happnin, and the both screenshots are very small =( i would love to see larger screens

nice textures… :o …very professional!

Is the moon a separate object, or part of the same texture as the earth, because it looks very detailed to be a free moving object [!]

Looks pretty good, the background really goes a long way to make for a good effect, heck - the background is one of the most important things in a space sim as far as looks are concerned. So great job!

Space sims can look good and still run at a good framerate, no pesky terrain to get in the way, good choice.

Will the game be freeform somewhat like escape velocity/privateer/elite/freelancer or more mission based like wing commander?

Those are some cool looking screenshots!

How about giving us bigger ones…
And while you are at it, why not give more screenshots?

I love the background, looks like a game i could see in a console… :smiley:

Nice! Is earth in the background, or is it an acual sphere?


Those two screenshots look great! Your game has a very professional looking H.U.D.!

Yes, I can’t wait to see more. Very well done! Just one thing…maybe it’s just the font, but did you spell “Shield” “SHELD”? :wink: Just checking. Keep us posted on this potentially incredible game…

:o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

Now that make me feel really squishy… whatever that means. Keep up the great work.

nice hud

Very awsome! This has got to be one of the best looking Blender games I’ve seen.

Yeah, the font does look incredibly small. Did you use your own font? I have had trouble making the fonts small enough and yet still readable.

When I create small font it always comes out cheap looking too… :slight_smile:
Your 2 fonts do look great, like something you would find in Metal Gear Solid 1-2!

I created the backround texture in blender, it is part of a big cube vertex parented to the main character. I will post some more screen shots when i get some time. It does say shield but its blurry. The annoying thing is I have trouble compressing my screen shots without losing quality.
The Font on the HUD is just for show i might take it ot as it takes too much room. I used Porsche 911 font and made all the 2D graphics in flash 5.

ok this is a screen of the ship and the texture map I used done in flash and the gimp.

Wow, those are some very impressive screenshots man!!! :o

I cant wait for the demo, if it plays as sweet as it looks it will rock undeniably!!! :wink:

Keep up the awesome work!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Is that your game? :o It really looks awesome. Keep Blending. :stuck_out_tongue:

:o wow those are really good…i wish i could model something good (anything doesn’t matter if it’s a table or a intergalatic space crusier i just wish those Voices would shut up so i could think) but your pics do look pretty good

How do you “play” it?
Is it like, you can move where ever you want… or it is some sort of scroller like StarFox and games like those…?

Pics look class, keep up the good work!