Game: Search the monkeys

EDIT: Look further for more and newer pictures.

Someone blends a picture, and hides monkey in it. Others try to find all the monkeys. If you think you got them all, post the locations in tiny text. :stuck_out_tongue: I you used the tip, post it with it (not in tiny, be honest :stuck_out_tongue: ) RULES: the monkey must be on the piture (min size 0.1) (or in reflection) Only complete monkeys count… you can use fakes… just mess it up. I’ll begin…

Tip: All my monkey are light blue, 2 ones

My picture:

they’re both on the left by the halos.

nope LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

only one

I don’t see it :frowning: . I usually find things only when I’m not looking for them. So that means I’ll never find them.


I can’t find any either. I’ve even downloaded the image and changed contrast, brightness, sharpness, still nothing.

Can you give a clue as to where they are? Are they just very small or have you made shapes to resemble monkeys?

it is in the centre of the picture, by the plane. [!]

What plane? I see a cube and a weird poly shape. Can you give pixel co-ordinates or maybe circle them on the image and post?

I shall reveal them. If you lookm closely, you can see them. But it was to hard. I or someone can make a new one. Oops… because I arked them the small one became almost not visible

Even after circling them, I still cannot see any monkeys

I can see teh small one after circling, but not the other… too hard :-?

lemme try, find the monkey

<obvious>btw this is making fun of how impossible the first one is </obvious>


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

good one

It’s a close-up of a shadeless white monkey!

The big one is the easiest. Look to the right part I marked. You see the ear

second pic. easier.

I can’t find any either. I’ve even downloaded the image and changed contrast, brightness, sharpness, still nothing.

ha I did the same :smiley: but that didn’t work either… I thought I saw one a centimeter on the right of teright red circle. I thought to see his chin in the black area.

I still can’t make out the monkeys where the red circles are. The big circle I can see a faint shadows of what could be a monkey’s ear but it could be mickey mouse’s ear too. I think you’re making them a bit too hard to begin with PatrickP - light blue monkeys on a light blue background. Maybe if you started out in the ‘where’s waldo’ style in that you just hide really small but discernable objects and then progressively made abstract monkeys or something.

BTW, that second image is way too low resolution. Can you maybe blow it up a bit? I think if I look at it any longer I’m going to start to see monkeys if they’re there or not.

Are they here?

Just thought i would post the pic instead of words lol

Ok heres mine.
One is easy but the other 2 arent. Have fun.

Good Luck!!

  1. in the middle
  2. to the far right, on the same height as #1
  3. (?not sure?)upper left corner on the line between #1 and upper left corner