Game setup

I have made a running animation using armatures and then parented the bone structure to a cylinder obj. ( to make it so I can do more animations with out problems )

First, is that a good setup?

Second, how do I make it so the obj is only running when I press ( W ) ?

Third, how can I make it so the obj doesn’t bounce or go through when it hits the ground after jumps off a high cliff?

Fourth, when I try going up a ramp the obj can’t always go up some of the steeper ones, how can i make it so he can climb steeper objs?

Fith, is using python make the game faster and is using python just a better way to go? ( If so please tell me how to do this stuff using python and just using the normal buttons )

Sixth, can you make me a game?! :slight_smile:

the fourth answers the first…maybe not a good setup
Post a .blend if you can?!

I really don’t think the fourth answers the first because it would do that even if it was just the obj by its self.

sixth…do you mean you want me to post what I have?

Yes, its probably better?!
I know nothing about your game…I tell maybe it’s not good…you tell me, that ,yes, it’s good…
Probably you’re wright, it’s your game anyway! :slight_smile: