Game Shading

Can you get shading in the BGE? you can on non textured surfaces, but what about on textured objects?

Yes it can also be done on textured objects. Just get into texture mode, select all faces, go to edit buttons (F9) and press the button ‘Light’ under the tab ‘Texture face’. Finally press the button ‘Copy Drawmode’ in the same tab and you have enabled lightning on textured faces. :slight_smile:

Just to be as concise as possible, I think that the Copy Drawmode is on automatically if you,

A) Go into UV Face Select Mode
B) Select all valid faces for the object
C) press W
D) select Light
E) Make sure you are viewing textures
F) press P

I think Draw Copy Mode is on automatically - not having to press it needlessly would be a time saver I think

If you use ‘W’ it is for all selected faces. If you press the button it is only the active face.

But thanks for the hint. I haven’t recogniced ‘W’ before. I think it is usefull.

And don´t forget that we have GLSL shaders right now. Try out the graphic demos for 2.40 series. Sadly you need open gl 2.0 suport in your graphics card for seeing this.
About stencil shadows i guess this will be availeable with Ogre integration.