Game speed

(Rob) #1

I am new to Blender and I have down loaded a number of great looking games to get started, however they run with a frame rate of less than 2 (like a dog with no legs) I guess it is OpenGL compatability number of polys etc. I have tried sticking openGL drivers in my Blender dir (I guess it gets used?) but it does not help. What kind of frame rates are the game makers getting?



(This is my first ever post, Blender is excellent!)

(Abracsis) #2

depends what game, but my games run at around 30 fps. Try downloading the latest video drivers, try windows update site, if your using windows.


(Rob) #3

I am running microsoft (me), linux would be nice but the kids need to run games, could do dual boot… I think I have all the latest drivers I’ll check it out. Thanks for a reply.



(Pooba) #4

Just to tell you, Windows ME is definetly the worst operating system that Microsoft came out with. Get Windows 2000 if you can, it helped me a TON.


(sara) #5

get xp and install the latest nvidia drivers if you have a geforce.

win2k slows down games…a lot.

(Monkeyboi) #6

This is exactly the situation I’m in. At the moment I’m using Win 98 SE.
Lately I got hold of a copy of Softimage XSI 2.0 (ahem… don’t tell anyone) wich can run on Win2000, XP Pro, WinNT and Linux.

I’m looking for a solution where I can still use most of my existing programs and games.

Wich operating system do you recommend?