Game Sprite Creator

Hey everyone, I just finished up putting together a .blend file to allow a friend of mine to render 3d models as limited color old school orthographic game sprites. I thought it might be a worthwhile tool to toss up here for anyone else wanting to create similar things through blender.

Through the compositing nodes you are able to adjust color depth, outline blending, outline thickness, and sprite size.

The example materials show how to set up materials with diffuse ramps that are influenced by lighting but aren’t blended so you have absolute control over the colors that are being used.

Probably real limited uses for something like this, but hey you never know.


SpriteCreator.blend (707 KB)

WOw, this is really, really great! I loved it, thanks for share, this ll help me a lot on game creation, Thanks a lot Cmonson by share this with us, I would add a link at the game engine resources, it ll help lots of guys there, thanks!

Thank you very much, This is real helpful.

cool stuff :smiley:

awesome tool, liked it.

Oh man, you rock!!! :slight_smile:

I have been trying to make this effect for ages. Good work, thanks for sharing.