Game Sprite Creator

Hey everyone, I had posted this in finished projects, not realizing there was a game engine resources forum, so here it is again. I just finished up putting together a .blend file to allow a friend of mine to render 3d models as limited color old school orthographic game sprites. I thought it might be a worthwhile tool to toss up here for anyone else wanting to create similar things through blender.

Through the compositing nodes you are able to adjust color depth, outline blending, outline thickness, and sprite size.

The example materials show how to set up materials with diffuse ramps that are influenced by lighting but aren’t blended so you have absolute control over the colors that are being used.

Probably real limited uses for something like this, but hey you never know.


SpriteCreator.blend (707 KB)

Looks like a really useful tool. That house looks a lot like a house from a GameBoy Color game. Nice!

Nice work, thanks for sharing.

This is amazingly useful.

Thank you.


That looks really cool, thanks.

You sir deserve a cookie!

I went from monolithic flat trees in my 2D game, to Stunning “tree like” trees.

Before it was like i had sticks with a green noise blob.

Now I have… Trees!!

All inabout the time it took me to push pixels manually in GIMP to make 1 little bush, I have an entire forest.

I am not even going to upload the disgrace i was calling trees before.

Thank you so much! My project will jump forward leaps and bounds now. I suck at 2d art, but blender is like a 3rd arm to me. i am so used to making models, that I can model a tree in my sleep.

Try to make a pixel tree though, and I get a stick, with a green noise blob.

+1 Cookeis for the Op!

EDIT, I even used it for my new avatar :slight_smile:

Those are the game characters too BTW, i have a knight and a wizzard animated now, soon there will be many more, thanks to this shader.

Wow, honestly I didn’t think there were that many people out there who this would be useful to, I’m just really excited that people are finding a use for it. Jojoe, you made my day :slight_smile: Those trees look great and I can totally empathize with you. I’m in the middle of my own game project and I’m pretty awful at 2d art, but am fairly skilled with blender. I’m lucky enough to have a talented artist friend of mine helping me out with most of my sprites, but even for us this speeds up our process pretty dramatically. It gives us the option to model our sprites and then just do some light paint over after the fact, and it makes it so I can create some decent looking game art myself as well. If you guys have any thoughts on what could make this more useful to you just let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Well, now that you mention it… There was an “outline” feature with Blender before the 2.5 GUI overhaul thing. i see the button to turn on the edge rendering, but it never shows up.

If you could add the edge rendering thing so we can have an unconditional 1 pixel wide outline would be very keen! For cartoon shading, and comic book making the outlines are very important.

For some of my pickups I am outlining them in black, so no matter what color is behind them, they will contrast. either the outline will show up or the sprite.

I am thinking about outlining all my trees too.

Edge rendering is still there, in the Post Processing pane. That said, this mixed with Freestyle could get some cool results.

I actually have edge rendering in there, but its set to only use it on layer 1, and I think I forgot to set the default layer back to one. Move you objects to that layer and then use the nodes to control thickness and blending.

Ok I got things on level 1 but no luck with the outline. I only achieve ruining the final image everytime i play with the nodes.

I will play with it again when i get more time to experiment. For now I just Select all transparent, shrink selection x 1 pix , and floodfill RGBA 0,0,0,255 with image magic script. i can do an entire folder with 1 mouse click, so it is really no big deal that I do not render them with the edge in the first place.

Going to upload my blender file as soon as I get some more materials ready.

Very exciting to be able to rapid produce content like this. Game creation is not as slow as it was 2 days ago.

You might need to adjust your edge threshold in the post processing settings. I have it set to 0 in the file I uploaded, sometimes it needs to be higher than that. Also, it seems that Blender doesn’t do edge rendering if an object uses transparency. If that doesn’t work feel free to toss up your blend file and I’ll take a look at it and see if I can tell you why it’s not working. Also, if people want it I could do a Freestyle version of this for better edge control. It was overkill for my purposes, but if it’s helpful for others I’m up for it.


Ok i found it!! Thank you very much!

Here is the file I have so far for doing bushes and trees: (159 KB)

the tree trunk has an armature with an IK chain so it is easy to customize and bend. Then just add your top and you are good to go.

top goes on layer 1 and trunk on 2