~game standing programing~

ok iam makeing a 2d- side scroller i want my charecter to stand in the last direction he was walking in (if he wals left i want him to do his standing animation left. i he wals right i want him t do his standing animtion on the right side) i have been fooling with it and have got it to do something but its not working so far . i want to know how to change his standing animation dependeing on which direction he walked in last. plz help if u can. any help is very needed

Maybe add a property ‘state’ or something like and update it each time you choose a (different) direction. When you receive a new direction input you compare it with the stored variable in your state property, when there is a difference you can change the annimation.

There are probably more solutions, but you have to work something out where you can keep track of your direction history and adjust your annimation to it.

thank you =] ill try that