Game: Storm Racer
My first game. :smiley:
I used Blender 2.36, Blender Publisher 2.24, and Paint.
Here is the link

Its a lill hard to win, try to make the turns starting from the oposite way that the turn is going wile breacking (like Foumula 1 cars). The red cars are slower than you on sharp turns but faster on long ones so try to get ahead right from the beging of the race.
No Python was used on this game.

Nice game, 1 problem I found was that when you go up the big ramp, you sometimes start slidng back down, even when your holding down the up arrow.

The sound effects were pretty cool too

This rocks !!! The models RULE ! The ai of the cars is awsome too , how did you make it ! Nice textures !Good job :smiley: !!!

I had the same problem. It seems to be whenever your backend gets caught in a wall. Very cool though. I like it.

That sliding back thing hapens sometimes for 2 reasons, first if you hit the wall you will slow down but if you are in the ramp you end up going backwords and I had to put 0 friction to simulate the wet road.

The AI is a long plale going fro right to left in front of the cars that when it hit’s the side of the road it tells the car to turn.

The texture for the cars were made from my hygh poly model of the Mitsubishi Eclipse.
Useing just paint :wink:

Did anybody win? :smiley:

But im glad you guys like it.

Really liked the track layout. Models were cool too. Hope you do more with the cars movement and handling. Looking forward to some updates with this. :slight_smile:

i’m sorry but this game is awful - and yes, i won! first, the control of the car is highly unrealistic and it is my own personal preferene to view the car from inside not outside - two, the collision on the walls and ground is bad - three, it’s too easy to win - just hit the other two cars at the beginning when you go around the corner and it will flip out of the course - not to mention it always displays “you win” after you cross the finished line even if you have already been lapped!

i did really like, however, the very good looking cars and the effects and scenery were very nice. But i rather have a good game - not just a good looking game - controls bad, physics bad, logic bad - eye-candy good: i rather have the eye candy bad and the rest good! keep working at it - if you wouldn’t have posted it as a .exe then it would have been possible to fix the problems and post an alternate build…

sorry, try again… :wink:

this game is awful

Be easyer on him , its his first game(mine was 1000000 times worse than his and noone complained about mine).

the control of the car is highly unrealistic

Better fun than realistic.

it always displays “you win” after you cross the finished line even if you have already been lapped!

Nope , it says You Lose when i play it.

the collision on the walls and ground is bad

Really , i think it feels pretty good.

I really dont understand how can you not like a game like this.I think its Awsome.Dont make him feel bad just because his first game isnt need for speed underground 2 (besides , the characteristics of cars in NFSU2 were totaly unrealistic too).Its a great game and its made in !!!BLENDER!!!.

For your first game that is pretty sweet. Awesome to see an amateur game with so much potential.

Wow Tnx Eduard :smiley:

And Prince… On the other forums that I posted this game everybody was saying that is was too hard to win, because of that I sad that thing about the Foumula 1 cars. Now you are saying it is too easy, I think it is because of one of this reasons. Or you are too good for the game (sure %| ) or you just folow my hint about F1 too well. 8) (I realy realy think it is the second one :wink: )


I think that it’s extraordinary, especially for your first game. The sound effects are simply great! :o Here are a few thoughts:

  1. When I tried to install the game into a different folder, it has an error whenever I try to play the game.(all I had to do was install it into the default folder, and then everything worked well)

  2. A few minor graphical glitches.(mainly with collisions, and occasionally with far away objects. I also noticed that when I lose, the “You Lose” text comes up on the screen when my opponents cross the line, and when it comes up on the screen again after I cross the finish line, it overlays the old text in a weird way)

Those things are minor though, and this is a great game! Thanks for sharing.:smiley:

P.S. Check your private messages.

That overlaying thing happens wen you are realy far from the other cars wen you lose, its like planes on the finish line that I use as sensors to tell wen the “you win” or “you lose” mensages have to came up. After a wile it resets but I didn’t think somebody would be so far behind. :smiley:

Ps: I saw ur message but I don’t think my pc can reply them.

I had the same problem facemania had. Yeah, the controls aren’t as good as Need For Speed, but hey those guys spend a lot of money testing actual race cars to see how they swerve and control on the road.

:wink: Lol, actually the red cars are too hard. Ok, I didn’t win. It seems a lot easier to at least win or get 2nd place in the Need For Speed series. Then again I have a racing wheel for that…

As for the collisions, it could probably be worked around, but it’s just a little short coming of physics in blender.

Overall this is a great game that you’ve made here. The environment is great along with the tracks. Only thing that can be optimized to make it even better would be the collisions and parts of the control (lol, might need to look up some mathematical equations for swerving, etc).

GusM is that you?

:smiley: Lol, I just noticed the really small letters. Woah, no python used! Great job. The power of logic bricks.

Jason Lin

Yea I know that the physics aren’t that good but I couldn’t do mutch about it because I don’t know anything about python. The realy hard thing was to make the laps counter and the “You Win” and “You Lose” things just with logic bricks. Took alot of “what if …”.

Sorry I don’t think I am GusM

And you just need some trainig to get yourself on first place :wink:

sorry if that sounded a little harsh - it is really good for your first game - it’s just that every body said “wow” when my first impression was, jeese those controls stink…bad camera angle - what’s up with the collision!? i win? i lost!! - from a blender game stand point (and your first game!) it’s awsome - just I don’t see the point in repeating every one else in saying good stuff - he’s got enough posts on the good - let’s get to the bad - bad crits are the only way to improve - and take everything I say with stride - nothing was meant to be “critical” just a practical eye - your games is tons better then I could do! just some negative feedback…keep it up! :wink:

ps - if you really want to help support Blender then you woulddn’t have gone through all the trouble to make it an installer so that people can’t learn from what you did - and maybe help you fix some of those things! :wink:

good job - just a few minor stuff that makes some parts a turn off…

I got your point but you shuldn’t start a critic with “this game is awful” It will sound alot worse than you mean.

The freacking .blend that I used to make the exe was deleted so I will have to post an older veriton. (not mutch mising)

It will be here in a couple of days.

what’s the refresh rate?

Because this is the first game in fullscreen in which it doesnt go all choppy and weird for me. But still on my crap little intefrated graphics it has a framerate of between 0.5 and 1.5

btw I think my framerate problem was the resolution, can you submit one which is 640x480?

Sorry you will have to wait for the .blend file that I will be posting in a couple of days.

Everything on my pc is gome :frowning:

Here the deal with car racers. I (personally) enjoy them when they are un-realisitc. I have much more fun with f-zero than I do some f-1 Grand Prix thingy. Thats just me, so I enjoyed this game. Some more detail a few bug fixes and it could be marketable as an un-realistic racer, even without python! :wink:

Blend on my freind.