GAME,TEAM,for a 3rd person rpg, based in midevil time.

game settings:
Basicly this game is going to be set in the midevil times where you will start out as a young boy/girl.
you will be able to tame pets/rides build castles and pillage them.
this game will be on a large scale map where you will start off in a small village getting stronger and stonger increaseing in level and growing up at the same time.
at each level you will grow a certain ammount. Haveing a max lvl of 60…
you can choose between 3 different class sets mage,warrior,archer,
your player will be able to upgrade selected stats dex,con,str,mag
lootable items…doing Quests throghout your time in the game
a wide range of creatures to kill.

i need scripters,artests,ect…
anyone would be great for this game anything to create i will post l8er on if you just want to make like a rock your name will be placed on the credits
email me : [email protected]
thanks :slight_smile:

I like that you know what the game is going to be about but to get the community hyped you should post some screenshots and show some progress. Otherwise, the only new members you get will certainly be new.
Good luck!,

i havent started yet coz im still new :slight_smile: and i need to know the basics lolz

Okay, new to Blender or the Game Engine?
If it’s Blender, then I suggest get used to Blender before you go into the Game Engine, it will help immensely. If it’s the Game Engine, then get some models done and post us screenshots! :slight_smile:
Also, a well-done game like this could take quite a while and be extremely challenging for a beginner. However, sometimes diving in is the best thing to do. That’s what I did! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck!

ok i will start working on the main charictor i will make a basic boy then start makeing clothes and stuff, i might even start on a monster to fight at the begining.
if you want to help me that would be great coz i am a new person to blender but ive watched hours of tutorials on youtube and i know the basic modleing keys, i need help with the animation and how to make the player move when i press a button and i need to make the player move with the animation.

uhh… If you are that new you should really start with something smaller. Usually starting big isn’t the best idea and I know many people will say the same. If you don’t know how to make a character move with animations, it’s better you start with a really small game/test including everything you don’t know how to do.

If you don’t, I pretty sure this game will fail much like the other ones. Maybe that’s what it takes for all beginners, to fail and then… not fail? A lot of people probably went through the “Beginner phase” of trying to make a big game and fail, I guess that’s how they learned.

I do wish you good luck and I do want you to finish, but you need more practice and start with something smaller.


I recommend starting out helping someone out with their game. That way you won’t have an overload of responsibility, but can still make a good finished product.

And be glad you didn’t post this here about a year ago. whew, those were the days :).

Good Luck,

box game!!! thats what we all started out with and there fun and fast to make.

i made a box game and a spere game i just want to know how to make a player move with animation coz my guy walks and i can look arround with the mouse i just need to know how to get the animation to work at the same time just bothers me lol