Game Texture Maker Looking For Work (Paypal Payment Only)

Well, this may be a bit unorthodox for this thread.

I am a young texture artist looking to do work for video games, or archvis projects. I work mainly in seamless industrial/modern architecture style textures. I create custom diffuse, specular, normal, and if needed, glow, emission, and alpha maps for each texture.
I will only charge $5 texture set. (i.e. 1 diffuse, 1 specular, and 1 normal)

Give me as much detail in description and reference images as you possibly can.

Some info about myself (If you want to know):

Name: Blake Harris
Age: 20
Residing in San Angelo, TX, USA
I have been using Blender for almost 3 years.

If you would like to see examples of my work, please look at my webpage:

READ THIS FIRST! (My site rules):

Textures Link:

Email me if you would like some textures! [email protected]

I wonder why all the brick preview renders are glowing that strong?
The Diffuse and Specular Textures have unused alpha channels. why?
When you remove the unused alpha channel of the diffuse/specular, the size is reduced by 30%-50%.
I also dont understand why the Specular Textures are looking like they have a generated cloud as overlay/multiply.

In my opinion the “Stretcher Bond - Brick Texture #3” is the best of these 4. i dont like the white stripes on the 3 other textures

  1. They are glowing brighter due to an extra compositing feature. Probably should have left that out, but I wanted a little “pop”.
  2. When I save .png I always have RGBA enabled since a lot of my renders have alpha backdrops. I will remove them from now on.
  3. I added the odd cloud overlay to give the bricks a unique look of having some areas shiny and others worn and more diffuse.

These textures were built to my personal preference. I’m sorry you didn’t like the white, but generally brick floor patterns use a contrasting border, from what I’ve seen anyway.

Any that are made for other’s taste will only have what is ordered, no odd specular clouds or anything like that unless requested.

Thank you for the reply!

This forum is for paid job offers, not for free advertising of your own services.

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Well i never ment to annoy you, i only wanted to give you some advice. And i really think you should get rid of the Glowing effects.
Some things you should think of:
Present the Normals. The Normal Map affects the Specular and the Shadows of a texture. So my suggestion would be to place a point lamp in one of the corners to show what the normal map is actually doing.
Here is an Example:

I shot a image of this wall 1 year ago on my roof storage. I tweaked it a bit with gimp and generated the other Maps with gimp & knald.
So it’s one of my own textures :-).

In this example i tiled the texture 2 times on the x and y axis (as it is represented with the black lines)
The background supports the point lamp, so you know where the light comes from.
On the bottem left Plane are nearly no shadows, as the light is above it. So you can see most of the colors.
The other 3 Planes show the same texture but with some shadow falloff, so you see actually what the normal map is doing.
I also combined Normal Map (Tangent) with a Displace Map (Bump Map). I think it is called Parallax Mapping, when you combine both, to increase the quality of the shadows/specular falloff.
And i also used a Specular Map, to control the strength of the Specular. so it’s less specular in the dark areas (gaps of the texture)

Sure you can render in other dimensions to add your texts and logo. it’s just an example for a clean Texture Preview, which shows all the features that are important.
I hope this helps you a bit.

You didn’t annoy me. Thank you for the wonderful advice, I’ll take it into account for my next textures!

Richard Marklew: Well, that could have been a lot clearer if you had named the section “Paid Job Offers”. So, please, take that into account next time.

Also, it’s all free advertising whether it’s for a job or for someone who needs work.

Also, it’s really difficult to display mine properly. Since I make all of mine from scratch in 3D and render them, I have to create all of the effects myself. The normal maps usually turn out too low powered and trying to make them have more influence makes them look really awful in 3D display.