Game textures and model site

some seconds ago i fnished the work on my little site

i’va added every model i’ve ever made and uploaded over 5000 textures from 3 different games:

Unreal Tournament
Alien vs Predator 2
Tribes 2

They are all sorted in categories and themes.

I made all this for the Blender community and especially guys like me, who dont know how to make textures and rely on searching on the net for good stuff or use other sources like games.
IMO the textures are very good and if used right they can help producing impressive results.

The only request i have for those using my models is metioned in every sub-board.

I hope at least some of u find all this usefull. If noone is interested i’ll delete all the stuff :frowning: and use my webspace for something else.

so long

Way cool man! Thanks a lot for the textures at least :smiley:

Thats very good. Only one problem… i have to go through and manually dl everything… is there a way that you can zip them all up together… please…

You are very good at making textures, thank you for sharing with us. I know I’ll probably use a lot of them, epecially the grass ones. Thanks again.

Ya wouldn’t want to write some texture tutorials would ya? :wink:

You are very good at making textures

the textures are NOT made by me !!!
they are ingame textures of the games i’ve mentioned above

yeah i know… i’ll add the zip feature soon, if the site is accepted and visited regularly :slight_smile:

Sounds like a plan, thanks!

oh, my bad, I didn’t read carefully enough. That’s what I get for hitting the forums before I’ve had my coffee. :-?

They are great textures, thank you again for getting them all together and sharing.

packing textures in one file:
i’ll tried my best, but PHP wont do the things i need. jpeg are full ASCII files (means every byte occurs at least once especially the 0-value) and (my) php can handle strings. thus PHP string operations stop everytime they meet a 0-value. alpha-numeric files are easy to compress (like the zip.lib.php in phpmyadmin), but jpeg cannot be packed like this.

perhaps someone knows a solution to this prob…

:o :o :o :o

You have too much spare time… This is an amazing website/forum you have there, thankyou for making this material available.


yes i am interested…
but if u got no place to but them, how do u want to transfer them to me? if u got enough webspace but no cgi support, then just compress them in a zip file and put them somewhere in the net, where i can download them.
after than, i will prepare them (convert to jpg…) and but them on my webspace. :slight_smile:

Nice site, nice textures, nice models, nice everything.


I hope you guys realise that distributing textures from games without consent of the copyright holder is illegal… I don’t want to be a downer, but I don’t think it’s a very good idea to be talking about such things on this forum.

i’ll try to get contact with each company
first response after opening a question-thread at

You have recently submitted a question regarding Alien vs. Predator 2 having a Other problem. The following is the solution to your issue.

If you have further issues regarding this product and issue, please reply to the email and type your response between the lines below. Any text outside of the below lines will be discarded.

The response to your question:

Solution Added On 03/06/2003 12:07PM
Unfortunately, our technical support does not have any specifics of the legal use of images from any of our programs. Mainly, it is usually ok as long as the website is not being used for profit. However, we recommend that you contact our Public Relations departments for more accurate information regarding this issue:

[email protected]


[email protected]

Your original question:

Customer Submitted Question On: 03/06/2003 3:30AM
hi sierra team, my question dont refer to any ingame problems of avp2, but some “license” stuff.
i made a website containing a lot of avp2 textures and tribes 2 textures… both sierra games.
now i want to know is this legal or illegal? in both games you got easily access to both textures sets (esp. tribes 2) and modding communites or other game changing people are surly trading with that stuff.
i alread wrote an e-mail to the enterprose behind, but got no response.

thank you for answering.

all other of my request concering this issue where not answered so far.
currently there are two other request:
one to [email protected]
and another to

if they tell me it is not allowed i’ll delete the hole site. but the first response (even if it was only a tech-support team) was quite positive IMO

Great to see you’re making an effort to do the right thing- well done! Hopefully the companies will be generous.

“large version” option disabled until companies tell me all this is legal.

companies said no
my site is removed :frowning:

This is unfortunate after all your hard work, but at least you found out in the correct manner. Things could have gone a bit pear shaped.