game textures, baking full render

I know the basics of uv texturing. so i have a problem, im texturing my house, it went fine, but what i did is, all of the UVs that have the same texture, I made them together, for example, my roof, the two parts of the roof i made them one in the UVs.
if you don’t understand. i unwrap my house, made the UVs that suppose to be the same be one. my problem is. what do i need to do if i bake full render. the textures go nuts. please help?

Please can you ALWAYS attach screenshots and/or blend files to clearly demonstrate exactly what your problem is. At the moment I don’t know exactly what you want

okay. i can’t make some screens. i have an outdated computer.
first. i have a house.
I uv unwrapped my house.
i made the walls of my house be in one uv coordinates since it will have the same texture.
my problem is, if i bake my full render, this happens
one of my wall, has a shadow, that shadow is then copied to all of my walls since the uv coordinates are the same. i hope this helps. :expressionless: