game textures feedback needed

hey guys, here are some game textures i made. you are welcome to use them, and I would appreciate it if you could give me some feedback please. also ideas as to what other types of textures would be useful is appreciated, since i am entertaining the idea of making a commercial cd.

Those textures are good Modron :stuck_out_tongue: .
I like the Rusty Plate very much, and the Dirty walls, In fact i like them all very much. Good work.
Could you try to make like a door in metall, or some buttons and stuff? you know what i mean? :slight_smile:

Would be cool to see how that turns out :smiley:

very good quality i i think you could make a commercial cd if you keep up the quality

and i have unable to find a good forest edge and use stone walls & floors very much

Very good textures. I too liked the rustyplate one, gave me a great feel of rough and smooth. :slight_smile:

thanks guys,…nor.J, do you mean like a sci-fi door? or maybe a security door? anyway i’ll probably do a few different ones.

these are very good… keep up the good work…
too tired to comment more… :frowning:

thanks xintoc! nor.J, is this what you wanted?

Great work, Modron. If it´s for a commercial CD, I wouls suggest the following:

  • 1024x1024 resolution
  • Tileable when possible
  • Alpha for the “ready-made” objects, like the door

youre right i should make them much bigger. I have the originals saved in png format though, so they are a little better than these. they are all fully tilable with the exception of the door btw. I’m using ‘texturemaker’, great for making tiles. 85$ but it’s worth it imo.

I’m sure that you will get your money back after selling the cd…