Game Texture's ?

Srry If This New Post Dose Not Fall In Game Engine.

Hi There I was just wondering this you know how a game need’s image’s ect… :stuck_out_tongue: Right And all the image’s That I have found are ok but not that great and I was wondering you know the big game’s like Giuldwar’s and World Of WarCraft Dont take this wrong but is there anyway to take some of there texture’s ? Because it seem’s that they compressed all the image’s. and the other thing can blender do water effect like this image here :

And I know that blender cant do the lighting effect like the image above but dose anyone have a good image or example on how good blender’s game engine lighting effect is :stuck_out_tongue: I was just wondering that xD.

Well everyone keep on blendering people of Elysiun !!!

Your post did confuse me, but I think you ment “How do I take textures from commercial games?”. Textures are usually very difficult to take, they are usually well protected, especially if it is a commercial game. I’ve never tryed to get textures from a game, so, I don’t know what else to say.

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yea, got to be careful, some textures have copyright

You could buy Genetica. Very expensive but professional quality. That’s probably even what the big guys use to make their textures.

Genetica (link)

About the water…
All we blenderheads wish we could do that!
But blender has no realtime reflections. You could imitate that by recreating all the buildings inverted under the water, but that has no wavey effect.

Just wait for the Ogre plugin. That’ll have your fix for the water.

You could make your own textures in photoshop to fit your needs.

you can already make nice water, with a alpha material, and a reflection texture.

not as complex as a directx9-10 shader, but it dose a nice trick… good for fountains and streams… Large bodys of water need refraction to make it look right.

there are a few comercial games that allow you to use the textures non-comercialy…
Check out Max Payne, and I think Prey too…