Game Textures

Ok please dont tell me that you have to use uv mapping in GE cause ive used materials for all my painting on my meshes! And if so could someone give me a really good tut on uvmapping cause i just cant get it right.

Edit: Also do particles work in runtime?

If you don’t fell like learning UV mapping…you can run the “Archimap Uv unwrapper” script in scripts->UV-> archimap uv unwrappper. Then run the texture baker script found in scripts->Uv-> texture baker. This will bake your current material texutres(no spec, probalby no nor…(not sure) ).


how do you run the scripts cause im new to python too! Sry for the noob questions:o

Edit: Nevermind i figured it out!Thanks Alot

There is no support for particals from Blender.

You can use the add object actuator to build your own particles.

Thanks monster,

How come my char is all blocky instead of smooth like he is when he isnt in GE or Runtime?

are you using sub-serf? if so, the GE doesn’t support sub-surfing. you can ‘bake’ the subsef to a new mesh, but i wouln’t recomend it. it’s better to add more poly’s by hand. you’ll get a better result and you won,t waste any performance.

a game engine tends to need a much lower polygon count than a graphics application. the game engin need to keep recaulculating the effects of gravity, object speed, collitions extra. so extra features are droped.

no mirror, subserfes, and a couple others

the trick of a good game is to uses as few polys in the entire game as possible, to speed up your frame rate.

UV mapping has advantages but isn’t nesseary