Game Textures

does some1 know how to put my texture on Game Engine? i know how to put textures on my model but it does not appear in the game!

Umm… send us the .blend then it is easyer !!!:smiley:
Press d and then Textured Solid.

you must “Pack” your file before saving, in the File menu.

Naa…he just wants the texture in game “P” button.

Ah, you’re probably right!
Well, do Alt-Z with the mouse cursor over the 3D window and then P key!?

Well, if you are using the materials you need to check Use blender materials in the GAME menu. Or uncheck it if you are using uv textures in the uv image editor window.

Also, if you created material textures most of them you cannot use in the game engine without baking them and using that image for the uv map.

Hope that helps

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You need to UV-Map your textures.

He know that:D.