Game Texturing rules?

Are there any game texturing rules in blender? I tried to texture a simple checker texture to repeat on a plan but nothing happens.

You need to map game engine textures through the UV editor.

but I can’t get it to tile the way I want it to.

well read some tutorials heres one
and then you can open up Google and type “blender uv mapping tutorial” or something like that

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OK, go into edit mode, subdivide until your checkers are desired size. Now split the screen open UV editor load your texture then hit F in object mode to enter Face Mode. Now hit A to select everything Hit U and hit reset 1/1 then still everything selected load your texture to those faces.

or just go to the uv map window and select [A]ll then [S]cale it as big as you want

yea but then when you have like 50+ Faces it gets hard, much easier to do it the way i said

Check the ‘Use Blender Materials’ option under ‘game’ menu. Then you don’t need to use UV.

                                                            Check the 'Use Blender Materials' option under 'game' menu. Then you don't need to use UV.

…well you would still need to layout your UV’s in the UV editor because you need to UV map your texture map to your 3d object… if you’re using blender materials, you still have to point your texture map under the blender material, to use the UV mapping as opposed to the built in types eg.orco,normal etc. There are good tuts out there that teach you how to do this…

You can now have multiple UV sets which means you can blend textures togethor to make more complex layered textures which is a very powerful feature.

some other texturing info. Most games use square textures to the power of 2.

  • eg 64 x 64pixels = very fast low detail good for far off distances
  • 128 x 128 pixels =low detail - 256 x 256 pixels =fast middling detail,- 512 x 512 pixels = slower on older machines give nice all round details- 1024 x 1024 pixels = great detail but very slow and uses lots of ram but sometimes you have no choice eg a big map for a landscape lightmap/shadow map

you can use rectangular textures, but again they must be to the power of two so eg. 256 x 64 pixels = a rectangle

there are some really good examples of modeling and mapping in the following thread. I suggest you have a look to get some insperation…:yes: