Game Theory: Apply modifiers for texturing?

Is it a good idea to apply all modifiers before texturing it in GIMP?
Are there certain modifiers where I can just leave it there and then apply it after I’ve created and applied the texture?

I have a gun with just a mirror modifier, and I don’t want to apply the mirror because then I have to texture twice as many parts. Can I just leave it there and then apply after I’ve created the texture and used it on the model without effecting the game once I export it?


Yes, leave it on. The modifier will mirror the texture on one side to another side as well.

Sometimes this is not a good thing and you want unique textures. If you check “U” in the mirror modifier options, it actually mirrors the UV positions around the middle on X-axis. Meaning the left/right side of the image is for the original model parts and the other half is for the mirrored model parts.

Ok thanks. So as a general rule should I have to apply anything that directly effects the mesh itself like bevel and deform?

Well, since bevel creates new faces and depending on the seams and unwrapping it could create bad results. I’m not sure how well the modifier works with modifying the UVs since I usually use the bevel tool rather than the modifier.

It’s the same with subdivision surface, but it’s simpler in terms of UV’s since it’s only dividing the existing topology.

I generally tend to apply all modifiers except mirror (and armatures, ofc course) before texturing but it depends what you’re doing :slight_smile:

If the modifier doesn’t affect the UV of the model, then I don’t apply of them. I like knowing that they are there, and I like removing them if I don’t need them anymore.

It’s really up to you!