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Hay every one so sense the last tree month and I’ve been working on a project 3rd person shoter game, and antell now, you chick it on my youtube chanel , but the only problem that I uncounted right now is that, the more .I develop in the game the more it gets heavy and lags very much, so my question that I want to know is, what can I do to make my game run smoothly and to stop laging every time I run it, #2 how can someone design a game level, like a 17 miles level, ,should I build each part on it’s own, or should I built it as one object, I need some advice in her, without it I can’t continue finishing my project, Thank you all,

Here is my tutorial on optimization techniques:

With building a large level, you should always make it in sections and have each section added in (through add object, best way), or have them be LOD and become invisible at a distance.

To: Nicholas_A. Did you know that i use your tutorials for my Game Project however i actually go beyond your explanations , ive used blender for more than 5 years now i know how much the game engine has improved its amazing.
Im on to Advanced Lod right now i code using python in the BGE its easy but takes long when writing…
Thank you so much for your tutorials they’re really helpful.


Great, I’ll look into it

OK as I was working on my project, which it suppose to be an open world game, which means there should be a day cycle, in the game, I alrady made a day cycle in my project as you can see on my YouTube Chanel, but the problem is, I can’t make the sky looks as much realistic as I want it, you know, it’s just a colored sky that go’s from blue to soft red to dark blue to soft red again, and it doesn’t give the feeling of a real sky so my question is about coding this time, If the founders of blender manged to make a real time sky out of just a texture color in the render view, a sky that changes her state acording to the sun state, can’t we right a script that do the same thing but only for game engine,? If yes! How can I do that,? If now! What is the replacement of it?