Game Title Copyright or help me come up with a new title

Can I get copyrighted for using this title “Rise of the Resistance”

because there’s this new game coming out (or may have already came out) titled “Bakugan Rise of the Resistance”

If I can’t use it can someone help me come up with a title…
Description of game: You play as a character named James, the US government has become corrupted by greed & power…They have betrayed the people & they shoot any civilian on sight…Now it’s up to you (James) & the rest of the resistance to rise up & destroy the government… (FPS)

I know it kinda sounds bad as of right now but I’m still working on the story part…(Also there will be multiplayer & other things)

Any title suggestions? :cool:

Rise of Resistence is a subtitle for Bakugan; if you use only Rise of Resistence as a main title(not subtitle) I think it is fine; but I wouldn’t recommend you to use Rise of Resistence, AND make a game very similar to this you spoke of.

Thought since Bakugar Rise of Resistence seems to currently have the spotlights on google, to avoid google name search competition I advise you to come with a new, more unique name.

How about “James, Bond of Resistance”?

James Bond huh, How about ‘Resistence Uprising’?

All Your Uprising are Resist to Us

Try this names:
Rise of the rebellion.
Crushing the juggernaut.
Do or Die
Unleash the rebel
No rule, No Order
The swift of black Bishop
Lethal desire

and the best of all:

rise of the ruthlesssssssss… potato (kidding)

did you come up with the name independently? If so, you are fine. Since the game (as you say) is not out yet, you have the prior ownership (you could in fact possibly sue them!) Go with the potato! The Potato!


How about ‘Rise Up’?