Game Tracking script?

Is there a python script that could track the closest objects with the same property? I’m trying to make a game and I am having alot of trouble with this. I’ve tried using the "Trackit"blender tutoral but it didn’t help. Is there anyway to fix my problem?

Ooooohh!! I’d like this answered too!

I looked at your Battlefield theme music remix. It’s really good, too bad I can’t use it in my game.
Anyways, do you know of any script that could track similar objects or even parent objects?

I dont know python verry well…

but I do know it is possible to use a near sensor, and have it wired to the track to actuator logic brick.

I think I read something about Erwin working on the near sensor… it might not work/work verry well in the current test builds…

I don’t really feel like writing out a script, but with only a little python knowledge, you could use a near sensor, get a list of all the objects in it’s range, check whether they have a certain property, get the distance to those objects, and insert the name of the closest object into the corresponding field of the track to actuator.
(there’s probably a more efficient method for this, but this is what seemed the most obvious to me- If I have some time later, and you still need the script, maybe I’ll write it, but don’t count on it).