Game trailer 3D Animation

I lead a small team of 3 artists to create this animation for a up-start NFT game company. Featuring an battle Royale experience. This is what the final product was.

We rendered the images in Cycles X using blender 3.0 LTS. Upwards of 2000 frames, I used the Render Street render farm on the $50 subscription to help complete the project on time. The only draw back there was the frames were limited to around 15 minuets which contributed to a low resolution and sample count. For and extra $100 a month I could have upgraded the subscription to allow for 30 minuets but by the time I figured that out most of the animation was rendering and coming close to the delivery date.

If you have any questions about my procedure please let me know. Or any comments or opinions for that matter. :slight_smile:

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