game tree

any one have a tutorial on makeing a simple game tree?:slight_smile:

Pine trees are pretty easy to make. You can do it with a stack of a few cones mapped with an alpha texture with the appearance of needles. Other kinds of trees can be more complicated, because their shapes are so much more complex.

The blender gamekit had the classic two planes trees. Two planes that form an X, with a tree alpha texture. Not exactly β€˜Hi-Res’ but it works. You could probably get a texture somewhere.

Games old and new either have two plane trees or have a modeled trunk and planes for the leaves. Newer games like on Xbox 360 look like they have a few modeled low poly branches but for the most part still rely on clever placement of planes.

new games uses systems like SpeedTree

I prefer to model my trees by hand. also using speed tree you cant get the same kind of continuity that you can get by handmodeling them