Game Tutorials?

Are there any good game-creation-tutorials in the internet? ( FPS / RPG )

I searched, but found nothing really good…

I’m searching for something that tells:

  • how do I animate characters for the game ( found some tutorials but just those I can badly handle with )
  • creating interactive environment ( elevators, AI’s, items )

and not things like how so I create a link between sensors and operators ( like on blender-hp )

Think there’re things with Phyton, if it’s so I maybe need a phyton-tutorials for blender GE as well^^ )

Or can I get these ones only via buy?

i am currently in the progress of making video tutorials on youtube just type in blendinguser and they will pop up

It sounds like your a beginning user, so I would check out the Noob to Pro Wikibook. It helped me a lot when I first started.

Also, click on the “resources” link in my sig for a list of links which I have used, and found helpful. Some of the more advanced tutorials relating to scripting may be out-of-date, but you should definatley start with the basics first.

I’d recommend that you don’t try to make a huge game right away, unless you’re very experienced making large projects in other software. Start with fun, quick mini-games to build your skills. Good luck!

A simple game tutorial will answer most of your questions, but…

Animating characters for a game is much like animating for render. Make your actions separate to each other and then trigger them from the game using action actuators.

Elevators can be made to use by creating and triggering ipos

AI is a major field of software development, but there are examples for pathfinding in Blender scattered about.

Item pickups will be covered in practically any basic game tutorial.

For a simple game, Python is not required and a lot can be achieved without it, but it’s worth having a basic knowledge of Python if only to customise other people’s scripts to do exactly what you want.

First thanks at blending user… I will watch your tutorials at time…

Next the Noob to Pro tutorial… I think I have to use this link now… I often used NtP on Wiki but somehow it was different from this link… so… I will watch there… tanks :wink:

Also thanks to FunkyWyrm I will see how to use it :wink:

I’ve got some experience with modellling but much less on animating, etc. … I’ve created some animated things, but there’s everytime something annoying, like I create a anim seq and want to create the next and then the first is lost… as an example… but most time I don’t know why it happen… thats the cause I search for this kind of tutorial…

Maybe this things can bring light into dark :wink:

here is a fab one, lol: