Game update with screenshots

These are shots from the first real game level in Shoot a Foe (title is going to change).

Old Pics:

When I get a few more things done to the level, I will put out playable demo.


The level is shaping up, but their is still lots to do here and their. When I start on enemys, I’ll be in trouble though. AI and enemy design is where lots of attempts fail, and I can’t do Python!

WOW! this game is looking REALLY good! MOO!! how much have you done, and when will it be finished?! whoaaaa, blender keeps gett’n better and better ppl!

do you have any enemys yet? the game looks awsome, keeeep up the good work man! looking forward to seeing a finished version!

That looks great!!! :o
The buildings and weaponary look fantastic! wish had such great skills like that!

look like a very good game!

PS: Is the word on the building (2nd pic) ASS??? lolololol

hey, nice sense of scale, looking great.


err sorry about the enemy question, if ur working on the game alone, and u cant do python and the enemys, im sure there are ppl who would like to help on that, the game looks damn good, and it would be a shame if you can’t finish it…

WOW! :o That looks great and very professional. God Work!

It’s looking really nice. Wish I had the time to help :frowning:

Looks really good! The guns and enviornment look great! The arm looks a bit stiff though.


I love the way it looks. Very realistic.

How’d you do that haze!? Thats awesome how it matches the color of the sky!

Very nice :smiley:

The haze is done with Blenders built-in Mist function, however, since my sky background is in another scene, only the main scene recieves Mist. And yeah, the building does read “ASS”!

I will put out a new demo soon.

in another scene?I THINK that slows down the framerate pretty much, isn’t there a other way to do that? i think there is, i don’t know how tho…

Don’t know about that, but I haven’t had any framerate problems to do with adding scenes. Is this something you know? In fact, I think it runs faster, because the draw distance in tha main scene doesn’t have to be as large for the background to be drawn, because its in a background scene(Where the sky is close to the camera). If you see what I mean…

hey… i ve had like 5 scenes running at once. the level, the weapons, the hud and some level controler and sound thing.

hey… nice level and weapons. the games were making are fairly similar. i think u should put on lighting effects on the arms and weapons. u should play around and consider radiosity too.

i’d like to show u my AI, but i cant take it out of the game. it freezes when i try to append and i cant delete everything else cuz it kicks me out when i try to play it… blender has a lot of bugs in it.

the game is called “Dr Doom”, it was for the contest. The AI is similar to those in Goldeneye 64.

if u have it, just play the “Arena” level, and hit “GOD” at the same time a few times to get lots of health and just observe the AI’s behavior

well… good luck in ur game, ill try to work on mine if i wasnt so lazy

err, 5 scens? i think you are talking about layers there…

I have four scenes running on top of each other with no problems. The framerate problem that some people get may have something to do with having the scene being added every frame, whereas my scenes oly get added on frame 1.

I do infact own Goldeneye 64 (still a great game). I don’t recall any level called “Arena” though, and what do you mean about hitting GOD? Is it a multiplayer level? If so… there aren’t any bots in Goldeneye… Ill be very interested to play your game!

hey, looks great! :slight_smile:
I only think that the arms and the weapons could look more realistic…perhaps you could try vertex painting…

hmm… doesnt have it uploaded anymore
and dammit… i have to upload it at homestead… ive made like 5 trail accounts with different email adresses and they’ve all expired. ill make another one but does anyone know where i can upload files to? like big files?

map of ARENA or deathmatch level

follow AI cuz it cant see you

cafeteria… actually based on my highschool

The entry

heres how u get to the Arena level

you may have to wonder around for a bit to find the AI, but u should eventually. u can try camping and let it find u too. if u want to just watch the AI and how it reacts to you, just get tons of health by hitting “G” and “O” and “D” at the same time to add 100 health… so u can watch the AI shoot u. i hope ppl saw this when they were rating my game on that contest. like wise, GNA gives u ammo and SPD allows super run (run with space bar)

there is a newer version i am working on with a few improvements.
heres the jail level after u get arrested in the story part of the game.

i think ur postin in the wrong topic dude…