game view... no texture

here is my phone obj with the mirror effect but in the game view its…not giving any effect…??? what to do…


LAND LINE.blend (184 KB)

Edit. I think this is a different question.

Answer: Ray mirrors do not work in the game engine. Sorry. You’d have to use the Video Texture script.

wat the problem is …wat u mean to “ray mirrors do not work in game engine”

The mirror setting you used does not work in the game engine. That’s what I mean. I can’t be any clearer.

will u suggest me wat should i use…

I suggest that you read reply posts thoroughly when you ask for help. I’m not trying to be a jerk here - you are new, and I’m trying to help. In post #2, I gave a full and complete answer with a suggested alternative. I also recommend that you not use text speak. Some members skip posts filled with text speak, such as “wat” and “u”.