Game Vote (help me)

(hiachi) #1

Answer 3 questions:

(think of your most favorite video game ever)
1)What is the genre of the game?

2)What is the game?

3)What makes that game better than all the other games in the genre? (name stuff that can be used in other games, not something like “lotsa pokemon” that cant be used as an influence)

I’m trying to come up with my team’s next game project because we’ve decided to make a smaller project before we take on the MMORPG project…

(saluk) #2

Can’t name my favoritest video game ever, cause I don’t have one. But I’m going to go with Deus Ex for the purpose of this poll.

It doesn’t exactly fit into one genre very well, as it’s somewhat of a mix between half-life, thief, and fallout. What makes it enjoyable is how you can accomplish tasks in many different ways depending on your style and your current situation. As you go through the game you level up your skills and increase your special abilities. If you take one special ability, that limits you from taking the other ability in that category. So it forces you to make choices. But the choice will really affect what options are available to you later in the game. Also, the combat simulation works really well, allowing you to sneak around and have fun doing that, or you can run in guns blazing such as in a game like half life.

The plot tying everything together, and all the little quirks that make up a games feel (mostly the sounds, but also graphics, and things like sneaking into the girls bathroom and having the girl in there hate you the rest of the game) add up to make a classic game.

(lizard809) #3

1: first person shooter

2: half life

3: lotsa good weapons, huge game, somewhat good storyline, lots of good interactive cinemas

(IMProvisar) #4
  1. Sci-Fi Space Combat

  2. Wing Commander: Privateer

  3. While I also love the Wing Commander Games, and the Star Wars Based games (X-Wing Fighter, Tie Fighter, etc), most of them tie you to a single story line, perhaps with a few small branches, and often if you have trouble with a mission, you can’t make progress until you beat that mission. Also, you rarely get to pick your spacecraft… you get what you’re assigned for that mission.

Privateer, on the other hand, provided you with a loose story line which you could follow a bit, drop a bit, follow a bit, etc… interweaving it with subplots, random missions, etc… You not only get to choose (buy) your ship, but buy weapon/sheild/etc upgrades giving a lot of flexibility.

I loved Privateer. I liked Privateer 2 (it started as another game, but was close enough that they named it after Privateer). I eagerly awaited Privateer 3, dissapointed that it didn’t come about. I then thought Privateer 3 was dropped for or switched to the MMORPG project Privateer Online, which I foamed at the mouth for, and was crushed to hear it was also dropped. I half think it was dropped for Beyond Earth… but BE doesn’t look like Privateer (screenshots are oddly cartoonish, rather than an artists concept of the future… I may be way off on this impression though). I don’t think with skills and maybe levels that it will feel like Privateer… but I guess you couldn’t really MMORPG a twitchy game well yet. :(. Next best thing though may be Star Wars Galaxy after the space expansion… and with Lucas QA of the Star Wars license, it’s bound to be a high-quality product. :slight_smile:


BTW… shouldn’t this be in an open-chat type forum?

(S_W) #5
  1. Mainly FPS

  2. Half-Life, Jedi Knight 2 Jedi Outcast

  3. Good storyline, a lot of different weapons, interactivity between characters in the game, great level design (different level types) and some headnuts! :wink:

(Pooba) #6

1)FPSs and RPGs

2)Jedi-Knight 2 and Asheron’s Call 2

3)Jedi-Knight has nice storyline, nice weapons, and a great balance of melee and gun combat. Asheron’s Call 2 isn’t out yet, but i’m beta testing it and it has REALLY nice graphics, the environment is fun to explore and doesn’t really ahve many boundaries, and the rpg system is really nice.


(hiachi) #7

thx for the feedback, i will record the votes in my list

(Abracsis) #8

1)What is the genre of the game?

2)What is the game?

3)What makes that game better than all the other games in the genre? (name stuff that can be used in other games, not something like “lotsa pokemon” that cant be used as an influence)

3rd person action/adventure/RPG

Soul revear 2, Devil may cry, Zelda, in that order, devil may cry’s story and acting sucks! and zeldas a little old now.

The detail. Raziel walks through a swamp there is a slow wading animation, he can swim, grab onto and climb ledges, jump, glide, Attack using practically any weapon he can muster, and even through all this varietyt the combat has a system…dodge and time your attacks, when against multiple enemies try and get the in a line so only one can attack at a time, and it’s FAST, you feel skillfull playing it. 3rd person gives you more control over the character, but First person makes you feel like your there…when fps has as much control as 3rd person that will be to look out for :wink: but we need better interfaces than am mouse and keyboard.

Oh and a good story. Also playing none human characters is good as it is realistic that a vampire can jump as high as he can, and sustain as much damage etc… although i like half lifes protective suit.


(blenderage) #9

Metal Gear Solid, Zelda ocarina of Time, Conflict free space, Pro Evolution Soccer

Metal Gear Solid - 3rd person stealth game, brilliant due to excellent graphics great story line (mostly due to overlong cutscenes and movie quality FMV casting) but mostly becuase it was original and pays attention to the little things e.g guards wetting themselves when held up with a rcket launcher.

Zelda - Emmense size and variety of worlds loads of things to do and collect and again little things (riding on the horse and fishing)

CFS - I have only played the first game but it is a “1st person shooter” format but your in a space fighter i reallylked the depth of the storyline and the way you were rewarded by doing intelligent things without being told to do. (capturing freighters not destroying them)

Basicly what im saying is put lots of little things in that arent neccessary to the main game but keeps the player interested and impressed…

(hiachi) #10

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