Game & Watch - UPDATE

Perhaps somebody can remember the antique Nintendo Game&Watch’s. I tried to creat one in Blender and I am still working on it. Expeccially the display and the surroundings of the display is very much under construction. Here is a fast render too see my pregress so far.

C&C very appreciated

You should drop the LCD screen down a bit, and put a piece of glass over it. The silver part would look good if it had a slightly “pocked” surface with tiny bumps and pits in it. Aside from the screen, it looks very good.

Here is an update:
Thanks for the reply, and now I have created a pease of glace over it and finished the display, thing, but I just don’t get the glass material right. Anybody have a idea?

broken image …

add more specularity, and make it raymirror, but not raytransparent, it should be ztransparent. Just try different setting in the “Mirror transp” menu.

The relation between the floor and the system along with the lighting is pretty weird, you may want to fix that.