Game Water

Here is the latest game water I’ve been working on. Please tell me what you think.

.blendfile(apricot branch 16075 and above req).

JPG image:

Looks awesome!!! Downloading ASAP :smiley:

edit: what I get is not transparent or anything :open_mouth: I’m in apricot build.

Looks great, I like the idea to layer several planes scrolling different directions- easier to get going than a texture morph sorta deal, or getting an animated tex.
It looks a bit less crazy if you half the scroll speed.

Haha, this looks quite similar to the tutorial I wrote a while back, but it looks great! If only GLSL ran faster on my computer…

Here try this. It doesn’t look as crazy.

Is that reflection i see? Is there refraction?

There’s no refraction but I do see a reflection map in the setup.

Nice work! This is the most realistic realtime water I’ve seen in the BGE. I will definitely find a good use for this in the near future.

Thank you very much for sharing this method with us.

Here it is. Not quite refraction but a blur effect.

When I press p to play I see nothing but a plane with a texture on it. And I can’t see the bottom…

Are you using an apricot build?

Now I see, awesome. Now we only miss the rings that form on the water when the vube goes trhough it.

Um using the apricot build, but cant view it correct either. (:

Killer made an awesome ripple texture in his GE water thread. If you used that along with this water you’d get pretty good looking results.

It doesn’t really blur the crate, just the texture. If you look closely at the texture before it hits the water,you will notice that it is a lot clearer then when it’s under the water.

I’ve been using Apricot build 16222… and it doesn’t work for me. There’s no UV scrolling at all… I can see the textures and normal maps… but no scrolling animation… which is a shame because it looks like a very cool way of faking water… I like the reflection colour map you’ve used.

same with me.

Yay! I got credited =D


Most impressive, I’m implementing it in my game as we speak…
Can I?

it doesn’t work…
do i need glsl?

And here’s how it looks.
Do you like it?:yes: