Game Water

Very nice!
if you don’t mine :wink:

i need an answer, please…
it doesn’t work on my comp. :frowning:

Maybe you need an OpenGL compatible video card?

this is a WIP, I posted it a week ago but did not appear, I’m still cleanning it up, I’ll post the blend soon.

BTW, i used Apricot 15899 build, GLSL Materials enabled.

Yes. All of you are free to use this in any way you want. Just don’t claim it as your own, that’s all I ask.

Very, very nice!

Can I get a .blend file?

OK already yuo can have it…
I’ll need your crits when I post the wip pliz…
Remember is COS Chronicles of Saba : Genesis

really nice job!

Here is a version of the water that can be used in the latest apricot build. It uses an animated texture instead of the scroll script.

Sorry here it is

i only have a radeon 7500…

And it doesn’t work for you?

With a reflection map, it would be awesome.

It has a reflection map

I can’t see it…
Edit: Sorry, I noticed it’s for the latest apricot build

If I get the latest build, will it replace my current one? I don’t like having 2 seperate blender things.

i have the latest apricot build.
but when i press “P” it goes all bluey. ya know?