Game works perfectly on blender but when I try runtime=fail!

I made a two player game with health 100 and with 5 lives with health bar and where you use homing missle to kill the other player and a another other to use it as boost and with a press of a button you ramdomly teleport between 20 places in the course all this using game logic except for the python I had to use for the 2Player Split-Screen cameras anyway

But when try to make it to save runtime the only texture that work is the player

and for some reason the player screens makes the player half the size

and I can´t see the amount of lives the text is set to alpha and it still dosen´t work

all I wanted was to let anyone be able to play this without having to have some knowledge in blender on how to turn the game on having to install blender

anyone know why

ok i just figured why the texture didn´t work I forgot to pack all the images but still I don´t know why my charater is the the half size

The camera is a fixed focal length when you save to runtime. If you look at the screen through your camera, you will see these sort of dashed line boxes. The larger box is the viewpoint that will be saved at runtime. So what you do is scroll with your mouse until the box is just inside the screen. Then you physically move your camera till your character is the size you want.