Game: Zelda2d level

I’m helping make a game called Zelda2d.

It’s being developed pretty fast, and I’m showing some progress on the levels I’m making. I decided to put this in the Finished Projects forum because all these pictures will be finished before posting, but the whole levels may not be, yet.

The numbering goes from 1->2->3->4->etc.
This means that once your done walking through section 1, you’re now in section 2.

Some parts of the image will be white or black spaces. These represent that you can see throgh them, or they have an alpha of 0%. These have to be this way because I convert them from TGA to JPG for uploading to, the best image hosting people on the neet(web, whatever).

Alpha Level:

More to come…

Sounds cool, but when I download it…How do I run the program?

Are you on Windows?

Yep, Windows XP Professional