(gargola) #1

here is a quick game i’m making… he he! please take a look: comments will be appreciated! :smiley:

(shibbydude) #2

This game’s frame rate is too slow to ever be fun! Use less complicated textures and lower the poly count on your damn chicken! Nice leg movements though. This really has some potential if you clean it up and get it going at at least 30 fps; not 2 fames per second. By the way, FYI I am using a Celeron 950Mhz with ATI Radeon gfx and 256 MB of RAM (not the best but it renders).

(gargola) #3

nice damn comment! :smiley:

(Pooba) #4

Hmm, i downloaded it and got a good framerate, and i’m using a crappy ATI Rage 128 with 128 megs of ram. The chicken didn’t use very polys. Maybe i got the wrong file, but it runs fine.

I thought it was fun to keep on laying explosive eggs. I CAN FLY :stuck_out_tongue: .


(gargola) #5

Blender sure is weird! cause i updated the game and now it has more monsters,more houses,and more peetos and in my comp.(750 mhz 64 mb RAM,Nvidia tnt 2 card )it runs at 12 fps.!!!

Pooba:it’s the same file. :smiley:

(shibbydude) #6

Maybe I need to try your game at home on a better computer. I forgot the one I am on at work has godamn integrrrrrrateed grraphics! Intel is a bitch. Sorry for the negative comments because I only got through about 60 frames of the game and gave up because of my sucky computer. I’ll try at home in a few and give a more accurate review.

(gargola) #7

Shibby: it’s not only you,others say the same,that it’s slow too.but i can’t seem to find what’s wrong…as Pooba said,the Peeto(chicken)is not high Poly.,neither the other meshes…i had problems with this game before and now i’m having problems again!i think this game is cursed… :frowning:

(digitalSlav) #8

works great here - p4 gf2 384M RAM pc800

(shibbydude) #9

The frame rate is a lot better now! I’m on a P2 450, 256 MB RAM, and ATI Radeon 32 MB. Nice job but there needs to be more addictiveness. I think with a little plot development this could be a great Blender game.

(gargola) #10

i forgot to mention that my tnt card is only 8mb!!! what a crap! :frowning: anyway…i finished fixing some annoying problems on the game.

1- Increased the blast size of the egg it’s easier to blow up the doors even with only one egg.

2- fixed the problem with the little peetos not disappearing when you guide them home(to the big house).

3-it was a pain to guide the little peetos home cause they where too slow…i fixed that too.when you press the turbo button the little peetos keep up with you with the speed(in other words,they are faster…he he!)

i don’t remember what else i fixed,but i think the game is ready to be released as a full(quick and simple,cause it took me a week and a little more to make)game.i’ll make some more adjustments and then i’ll need some peeps to test it to see if there is any bug.thanx for the comments!

(Pooba) #11

What’s a peeto?


(S_W) #12

It runs fine on my computer, too (I have a ATI Rage 128 with 128 MB RAM… :wink: )

Try to create an exe file out of the game (it changes the screen resolution and on my machine it runs much more smoother)

(gargola) #13

Pooba: A peeto is a bird i invented(imaginary bird)…but it’s not a chicken! he he he! :smiley:

(gargola) #14

S_W: thanx for the comment.About the exe…i’ve tried to download the gamedeplyer from your site and i have problems downloading it :(…i don’t know if it has something to do with the problems i’m having with my net connections.

(S_W) #15

Did you also try this link?

(gargola) #16

yes,downloading right now! :smiley:

(S_W) #17

…and i hope the download will finish successfully… :wink:

(gargola) #18

nope! not sucessfull at all! :frowning: what’s wrong? i have downloaded other things today with no problem…my net connection seems to be fine today(well,better than 3 days ago). :frowning: :frowning:

(S_W) #19

I’ll send it to you by email…

(gargola) #20

Thanx S_W,i hope it’s not too big…sometimes sux! :smiley: